“Contrasts create beauty – I like mixing classic modern with contemporary styles. I like monochrome minimalism.”
– Leo Eberlin, founder and designer of Leo Mathild  
Based in Berlin, designer and founder LEO MATHILDE EBERLIN, whose star sign is Leo, is working from her atelier in Berlin. The love of stones began at an early age when Leo was working for a jeweller while still attending school. Thirsty for knowledge, she picked up all the essentials about jewellery, travelled to the Italian city of Vicenza by herself, and designed her first collection. After finishing her education, she started her career in the investment business, but remained passionate about jewellery and continued to create pieces for her friends and family. Nine years later, as a businesswoman, Leo felt ready to commit herself fully to her jewellery line. Being a perfectionist, Leo travelled to different countries for over a year looking for a manufacturer to match her expectations in terms of both quality and finish to launch her label, Leo Mathild.
“I loved the word Mathild because Mathild means power, and I believe in the power of stones. Furthermore Mathilde is my second name, and this gives everything a very personal and special meaning."
Focusing primarily on a women’s collection, the aim is to create statement jewellery that underlines a woman’s individual personality because Leo Mathild believes that beauty is about charisma and self-confidence. Besides the haute collection which consists of made-to-order diamond pieces in 18 k gold, the label offers a ready-to-wear collection in 925 silver using authentic gemstones only. High-quality hand setting techniques, hand picked stones and special plating are what's combined to ensure Leo Mathild's expectations for every piece. 
"Contrasts create beauty – I like mixing classic modern with contemporary styles. I like monochrome minimalism. I admire classy cosmopolitan women, art deco and architecture, all of which are my major inspirations. I am still wearing pieces that I created many years ago, reminding me and bringing me back to what I always knew I wanted to do. Behind every piece there is a personal value. Creating jewellery is a part of my personality, it’s what my heart wants to do.”