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Our story

Leo Eberlin, founder and designer

“Contrasts create beauty – I like mixing classic modern with contemporary styles. I like monochrome minimalism.”

In her mid-twenties, Leo Eberlin quit her lucrative real estate job and devoted herself to her favorite investment: jewelry. At one of her first part-time jobs as a sales assistant for a jeweler, she had the realization that the fascination for stones never fades. And this is how her story began. She branded her label Leo Mathild and has climbed her way up the ladder to becoming one of Germany’s most well known jewelry designers. The likes of Madonna, Priyanka Chopra and Cher have all been spotted with her diamond rings adorning their hands.

Steven Neuman, gemologist

On a trip to Hong Kong for the world‘s largest stone show, she met a gemologist by the name of Steven Neuman, who was selling stones to her at that time. They immediately fell in love and went on to get married later. Steven has been in close contact with diamonds from a very young age. Naturally he followed his family's footsteps to become the fourth generation in the trade. Over a period of five years he visited and worked allover the continent of Africa living the adventures that helped shape him as the businessman and gem-hunter that he is today.

“Buying rough diamonds across Africa directly from the producers were the best lessons because evaluating stones that are so difficult to understand built my intuition in finding the right gems“

The powerful chemistry between Steven and Leo was an aid to their visionary goals. With the newfound dream team intact, LEO MATHILD grew to double in volume in a very short time. Living in Berlin with two children allows Leo and Steven to have the perfect balance after a chapter of always traveling.